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Party Of Lies


The election was stolen, it's plain to see

So the President said and so did Trump TV

Then they called us to action, out to DC

Now I'm here doing time, but Donald Trump's still free

And he doesn't really seem to give a damn for me

No, he really doesn't seem to give a damn for me

Sixty cases, sixty judges say no meaningful fraud on election day

And every single re-count comes out the same way

Still they try to sell the lie and then change the rules of play

So the minority rules, come what may

Yeah, the white minority rules, come what may

Well, the party of Lincoln is now the party of lies

How you think they'd look in honest Abe's eyes?

And how do they sleep while old Abe bows his head and cries?

They scrape and bow unto Trump's name and his Christian disguise

So they can own the libs but freedom dies

Yeah, they'll own the libs but freedom dies

Well they lied to me and they'll lie to you

They get every vaccine, but they don't want you to

It's a war to them and you're just cannon fodder, dude

Yeah, they really don't care about me or you

So long as they win in Twenty-Two

Doesn't matter what pain you and I go through

Doesn't matter what depths they take our country to

Music and Lyrics

by David Massey

Lead Vocal - David Massey

Backing Vocals - Jay Byrd and Jim Robeson

Guitars  - Jay Byrd 

Bass - Jim Robeson

Drums - Paul Goldstein

Piano and Organ - Bill Starks

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