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He said "I just don't feel like talking," but I sat down anyway,

ordered him another whiskey neat

Still he didn't say a word until he drained the fourth shot down,

lit a cigarette and got up to his feet

Then he hit me with these words that haunt me every time I dream

these visions of the past so sad and sweet


He said "It all adds up to nothing

and nothing it ain't worth a damn.

It may be free, but God, what would you pay

for something to believe in, 

some hope there might be more,

some gentle soul who's listening when you pray?"

Well, I was only just a young man then, so certain and so sure

it couldn't all be written in the sand

So I shrugged it off and moved on, glad I'd met him in the end,

the legendary poet, one man band

But now the curtain's closing, and the stakes have gotten high,

and confidence is slipping through my hands


I've had my share of hard times, yes I've struggled here and there

Still, all in all I've had a decent ride

But all these good and bad days surely fade from memory,

the love, the fear, the loathing and the pride

So I pray they still mean something, God I hope that he was wrong

but I try to keep these weak eyes open wide


Music and Lyrics

by David Massey

Lead Vocal - David Massey

Backing Vocals - Jay Byrd and Jim Robeson

Guitar - Jay Byrd 

Pedal Steel - Casey O'Neal

Bass - Jim Robeson

Drums - Eric Selby

Organ - Bill Starks

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