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Darkness At Dawn
Produced and recorded by Jim Robeson at The Bar

Lyrics by David Massey

Music by David Massey

and Mark Gillman

Lead Vocal - David Massey

Backing Vocals - Jay Byrd, Jim Robeson and David Massy

Rhythm Guitar - David Massey

Lead Acoustic Six String, Twelve String and Electric Guitars - Jay Byrd 

Pedal Steel - Casey O'Neal

Bass - Jim Robeson

Drums - Eric Selby

Darkness At Dawn


The times have been so grim,

and man, it's getting to me

But just hold tight and we'll break free

From all this hatred, death and misery

One day you'll see

I swear, you'll see

But for now, just be

And hold on to me, girl, just hold on to me

And we'll break free

The smoke blacks out the sunlight,

and it's so hot and dry

Aw, honey, please try not to cry

So hard to breathe here, and I don't want to die

But I don't know why

So let's just try

To climb real high

To where it's cool and clear under a bright blue sky

And then we'll fly

Oh, yeah, we'll fly

East coast under water, midwest all dust and wind

The rest all smoke and wildfire, and it'll get us in the end

Like they couldn't see this coming back before it got too late

Else they just didn't give a damn about their grandchildren's fate

We tried so hard, girl, but I just can't go on

And I know that you're already gone

So I'll lay you down here, but I'll be right along

It won't be long

"Cause I'm not real strong

But God, it feels so wrong

The music stopped just when we started our song

Darkness at dawn

Darkness at dawn

Darkness at dawn

It won't be long, you know it won't be that long

Darkness at dawn

Darkness at dawn

Darkness at dawn



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