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Curtain Drawn


High again, brilliant days you win, sparkling nights until dawn

Friends abound, pass the guitar ‘round and play on


Down again, watching the big wheels spin, time and tide hurry on

Friends go down in the cold hard ground and they’re gone

Curtain drawn




You say you don’t know, but when you’re scared you’re praying

Hedging every bet you lay

And you’re just printing dough, like life’s some game you’re playing

I guess every dog will have its day

I guess every dog will have its day


Harmless sin, forgiving judge within, conscience cool with the con

White lies sound, nagging truth worn down till there’s no right

And no wrong



Fight Finished  


Hey, we finished the fight!

Another comeback on a magical autumn night

The boys danced again;

Tony Two-Bags and then

Howie Kendrick, my friend

And the Nats . . . finally win!


Man, the season was lost

Mid-May and the manager almost tossed

But everybody kept cool

Took the pundits to school

Made ‘em all feel like fools

And baby shark . . . finally rules


Now folks, here’s the thing

We’re DC, don’t you see?

Songbirds got to sing

And donkeys and elephants just got to disagree


But then this miracle team

Made them all cross that aisle

Like in some hazy dream       

Reaching out for a hug and a great big smile!


No team for so long

No baseball in the capital, oh, it’s just so wrong

The Expos finally came

Cast offs, halt and lame

But they were hungry and game

And man, they lit . . . a mighty bright flame


Some awful seasons flew by

Heartbreaks galore, ah, they’d make a grown man cry

This year started bad

As any season we’ve had

But the boys still seemed glad

And then they started . . . this crazy baby shark fad!

And then they just couldn’t lose!

Bullpen still shaky but everyone else just cruised

Dugout dancing arrived

Extended hugging now thrived

No bad feelings survived

And battered hopes . . . were fully revived!


And then we won the whole fight!

So many comebacks on so many autumn nights

The odds were all stacked

But our boys never cracked

And now we’re totally jacked

‘Cause the Nats . . . are the champs for a fact!

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