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Daddy's Wedding Dance


Little darling, I hope you know

as good times come and go

you'll always be my baby girl

So as we dance now, soft and slow

I think of how we watched you grow,

and I love you more than anything in this world


And I wish you all the happiness Mama brought to me,

the youthful rush and the quiet older love

The years fly by so fast, but a steady joy can last

Just hold on tight, and honey, I know you'll see

So many changes lie ahead, 

so many miles out there to tread

with this good man there by your side

All of the words that could be said,

all of the books that could be read,

won't tell you how to take this ride

It's in your heart and in your head

You'll find your way, you'll find the thread

With love and kindness as your guide


Music and Lyrics

by David Massey

(with apologies to 

Johann Pachelbel)

Guitar and Lead Vocal - David Massey

Mandolin and Backing Vocal- Jay Byrd 

Cello - Kristen Jones

Backing Vocal - Jim Robeson

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