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Well, l'm only just a player on this sad little stage

I find my mark, I say my lines, act out the fear and rage

And I thought that you were just a player too in this tiny little cast

And though I know they never do, I'd hoped this run might last

But now you say you wrote this play and you're cutting out my scenes

"It's only art," you tell me, but I don't know what that means

'Cause life is just a big stage, girl, we're walking shadows all

However bright your candle burns, that curtain's gonna fall


But if that's the way you see it, then that's how it's got to be

If the script that you've been writing doesn't have a part for me

Just give me one last scene before you lock that backstage door

I'll strut and fret, but then you just won't see me any more

Any idiot can tell a tale, but it doesn't mean a thing

A wise man may say nothing, and a fisherman be king

So as you dim the footlights, I'll walk slowly towards the wing

Wondering how you'll bear the strain that playing God must bring


Music and Lyrics

by David Massey

Guitar and Lead Vocal - David Massey

Backing Vocals - Jay Byrd 

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