David Massey

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"A six track ep slowly conjured from David Massey's most beautiful inner and melodic notebooks. Music that wanders and wanders along the rippling lines of the water. Clinking sounds on towards the shore. The sun setting on the horizon. A country music riff. As pretty as it gets." -Blaskan 2021

"As in the past, the former lawyer's talent for evoking feelings and experiences in the hearts and ears of his listeners with just a few words is very much in the tradition of the great songwriting icons from Bob Dylan and Tom Petty to Mark Knopfler, and yet he always remains himself in an unmistakably likeable way - Massey takes us on a journey into his very own reality, in which there is so much to discover." - Country Jukebox 2021

"Apparently [Massey] doesn't venture far from the coffee houses of DC. That's a shame. If he took it further afield there are plenty out there who would like this a lot."

-Fatea , 2021


"American singer-songwriter David Massey never disappointed us in the past with his four released albums. Now each and every one of the six tracks on his latest EP “Island Creek” is of the highest quality with excellent musicality and a great vocal performance by this artist from Washington D.C." - Rootstime, 2021

"You might call David Massey a veteran singer-songwriter.  After four albums the Washington DC artist still hasn't made his breakthrough, though sub rosa each one has been critically acclaimed."  (Folk World, 2019)

"Think J.J. Cale cruising across the desert with his shades on and his arm out the window of a classic Mustang.  A tight trio playing a hybrid of country and blues and, on the fabulous 'Rio Lagarto,' a touch of mariachi . . ."

- R2 (Rock 'n' Reel) , 2019


"an amazing singer/songwriter . . . this feels like a hidden jewel . . . do not miss this album."

- Strutter, 2015


"A great and beautiful album."

- Late For the Sky, 2015


"The title track, laid down on a portable, digital recorder in a living room, features just David accompanied by guitar. The sheer power of this song is the ultimate proof that Massey desperately deserves far greater fame."

- Keys and Chords, 2015


"An artist to discover." 

-Le Cri Du Coyote, 2015


"[Massey] writes engaging melodies and, with the help of producer Jim Robeson, has crafted an acoustic-based album of Americana that pulls off the rare feat of making often dark material poignant and reflective rather than saddening or melancholy." Country Music People, 2015

"Massey manages, with his storytelling, to blow away celebrities such as John Prine, James McMurtry, Todd Snider and others that have preceded him." - Rootstime, 2004


MARCH 2021

David's friend Jim Bushee, an excellent writer who recently published a crime novel called "Ace of Diamonds" under the nome de plume J. Michael Boucher, featured David's "Island Creek" video as a pairing with David's favorite Cabernet on his  wine blog:


MARCH 2021

See the Video page for the brand new video of the title track to "Island Creek"! Many thanks to my good friend and producer/audio engineer/bass player/backing vocalist/webmaster/videographer Jim Robeson for creating the video.

MARCH 2021

"Island Creek" jumped from 48th to 18th on the Roots Music Report's nationwide Americana/Country Album Chart. On the broader Country Album Chart (which subsumes Americana), the CD moved from 63rd to 29th. On the RMR's charts for Maryland artists - reflecting nationwide airplay and including all genres - the CD was NUMBER ONE on the album chart for the second week , and four tracks from the CD - Island Creek, Demon Wind, Long Long Time and Fight Finished - are sitting at numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the song chart.




David's fifth CD - a six-track EP called "Island Creek" - was released on January 5, and is available on Spotify, Pandora and will be available on all the other major streaming platforms soon if it's not already on line.



David, Jay Byrd and Jim Robeson are excited to be playing regularly at The Dive Bar - the space once occupied by the legendary Childe Harold (where Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones, Bonnie Raitt, Al Jarreau, Emmylou Harris and others have played).  Amazing memorabilia, great food from the Darlington House upstairs, and a subterranean vibe make for a great time!

JAN 2019

David's new CD,  Late Winter Light,  is currently being played on over 150 radio stations in the US and Europe; available at cdbaby.com, iTunes, Spotify and most other streaming sites

OCTOBER , 2016

Until the Day Is Done was being played on 177 radio stations across the US at its peak this summer, and Broken Home spent most of the summer in the top 10 of the Roots Music Report's Folk-Rock song chart.

photo by Marty Scher